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Our Heap Leach Technology at Kabaena Nickel Project

The Kabaena Nickel Project uses heap leach technology to process low grade laterite nickel ore into Nickel Sulfate Crystal. Yes, We are the pioneer in using Heap Leach Technology in Indonesia; the most environmentally friendly process, most efficient, simplest technology and less technology risk

Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 03.04.53.jpg
PT Bukit Makmur Resources 
focuses on world class nickel production in Indonesia,
applying the best technology
with a solid Indonesian professional team
At the Kabaena Nickel Project, we process low grade laterite nickel ore into Nickel Sulfate Crystals using heap leach processing, because:

Cheapest Capex


Less Technology Risk


Simpler Technology


Non-hazardous Spent Ore

PT Bukit Makmur Resources Will Produce High Purity Nickel Products And Respond To Global Urgencies

Our low cost, low carbon technology will enable us to supply nickel products to the established industries and for new applications in electric vehicles, sustainable energy and other future technologies

Nickel Sulfate Crystal is an intermediate product that can be used to produce nickel precursors for Li-ion battery cathodes

Nickel is a critical component in rechargeable batteries found in cell phones, laptops, electric vehicles and energy storage units or to feed

the traditional nickel uses for stainless steel

and alloys

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