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PT Bukit Makmur Resources 
commits to maintain the sustainability of socio-economic life and  natural preservation of Kabaena island


In this island, there is a massive nickel laterite deposit and also dynamic agricultural and fishing practices. Kabaena people cultivate cashew, sugar palm, cacao, clove and coconut. They also use rumpon, a sustainable fish aggregating devices

Our commercial plant is built with green technology to ensure greener future. The spent ore samples have passed the TCLP and toxicity test, confirming non-hazardous waste of heap leach process residue. The spent ore dumping is also safe for rainfall and weather exposure, due to its solid physical properties

Our spent ore is categorized as non-hazardous waste and suitable for agricultural purposes. The spent ore has shown satisfactory results as fertile soil to grow plants. It is in our plan to create a local cashew plantation on our project site in order to preserve the environment

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